Mud pies and sticky situations?

It’s happened to us all…you leave home on a cloudless blue sky morning ready4adventure, next thing you know the weather gods frown, the rain starts pelting down with biblical proportions and that track which was challenging enough in the dry, turns into a quagmire with all forward momentum now stopped.

Our EFS range of winches and recovery essentials doesn’t discriminate between 4WD makes or  whether it is you or your best mate that’s become stuck, and you can rest assured that all our EFS gear is Australian designed and tested for our harsh Australian Conditions.

It also complies with the Australian Standards and is manufactured using only premium materials for longer life.

Just like insurance, (only appreciated when needed), you will enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that this smart investment you made in the EFS range of winches and recovery gear will pay off if ever needed, and once again get you moving.

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