EFS GVM upgrades are the perfect way to legally increase the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of your vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.  These federally approved SSM (Second Stage of Manufacture) GVM upgrades, designed and manufactured by EFS, offer a trusted solution for enhancing your vehicle’s weight-carrying capacity. With an EFS GVM upgrade, you can confidently increase the allowable load on your vehicle without compromising its performance or handling. Our suspension upgrades undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the necessary ADR safety standards and regulations set by the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport, providing peace of mind when carrying heavier loads. Whether you’re a tradesperson, contractor, or an off-road enthusiast, EFS GVM upgrades allow you to legally carry additional equipment, accessories, or tools, all while complying with OH&S requirements and insurance regulations. Complying with OH&S requirements and insurance regulations is crucial to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other road users.  

LandCruiser V8 HVD79R Single/Dual Cab Chassis

License Number:
Standard GVM:
3510 kgs
EFS Increased GVM:
3950 kgs
EFS GVM Increase:
440 kgs
Kit Part Number:
LandCruiser V8 HVD79R Single/Dual Cab Chassis
Applies To Models:

Current SSM approval only applies to brand new vehicles that have not been registered.

EFS GVM Kit Contents:
2 x Front EFS H/Duty Shock Absorbers
2 x Front EFS Coil Springs
2 x Rear EFS H/Duty Leaf Spring Packs
4 x EFS U-Bolts
1 x EFS Polyurethane Bush Kit
2 x Greasable EFS Swing Shackles
2 x Greasable EFS Fixed Pins
2 x Rear EFS H/Duty Shock Absorbers

EFS GVM Kit must be installed by a EFS approved authorised installer


Available at your local EFS Dealer until 31st March 2024.