The EFS Shower Tent offers instant privacy wherever your adventures take you.


The EFS Shower Tent offers instant privacy wherever your adventures take you.

Introducing the EFS Shower Tent, your ultimate companion for on-the-go comfort and convenience during your off-road adventures! 

You will enjoy the freedom to escape to any location without the hassle of queuing for public toilets.

This versatile tent goes beyond privacy; it’s packed with a multitude of features to enhance your outdoor experience.

The EFS Shower Tent boasts a dimmable LED light ensuring comfortable showers even after sunset.

ROOF cover

Enhance the privacy of your shower awning effortlessly with our Shower Tent Roof. This ingenious accessory seamlessly slides on top of the shower awning, providing an additional level of privacy. Plus, when it’s time to pack up, the shower roof conveniently folds up with the shower awning, ensuring a hassle-free and compact storage solution.

Bi-colour led light strip

Illuminate your evening showers with the dimmable LED light, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit space even after sunset. Worried about bugs? The orange light not only adds a warm ambiance but also helps repel insects, providing a more enjoyable outdoor experience for your partner and kids.

pvc bag

The EFS Shower Tent Bag bag is constructed from high quality and heavy-duty PVC ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most challenging outdoor conditions. Its sleek design adds a touch of style to your 4×4 setup, complementing the overall look of your vehicle.

High Quality Canvas

Crafted for durability, the high-quality canvas is both waterproof and UV-resistant with 280GSM polyester cotton fabric ensuring a reliable and protective shelter against unexpected showers and harsh sunlight.

LighTweight & Durable frame

The EFS Shower tent features a lightweight yet durable aluminium frame ensuring quick set up and easy transport without compromising on robustness.

Heavy Duty zippers

Built and tested to endure the harshest conditions from the corrosive embrace of salt, the gritty challenge of dust, and the abrasive nature of sand. They guarantee optimal performance, ensuring that your Shower Tent remains functional even in the most challenging conditions.

Adjustable height

With these adjustable straps, you have the flexibility to modify the shower tent’s height. This versatile design ensures adaptability to your specific needs, all while keeping the tent bottom dry and maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.

Storage Pouches

The 2 internal mesh pouches ensure everything stays neatly arranged. They allow you to store essentials like shampoo, soap, or a shaving kit without cluttering the tent space.

Back window

The thoughtful design of the back window enhances the functionality of your shower tent, offering a practical solution for quick and easy access to your belongings. Easily access towels or dry clothes without stepping outside.

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