coil springs

coil springs

We manufacture our coil springs to strict quality control standards using premium spring steel in compliance with ISO-9002.  You can select the height you need: from standard height, up to 125mm. You can also select from our variety of spring rates (based on the weight required to compress the coil) to suit different applications including towing, load-bearing accessories and increased ride height.


  • Shot peened – to stress relieve the outer surface of the coil. This ensures coil longevity as it can operate under higher fatigue & repeated load conditions
  • Scragged for quality control – this is a process where the coil is compressed beyond its yield point. This compression creates residual stresses and increases the elastic limit of the spring
  • Powder-coated – To resist corrosion and to protect the spring steel from minor damage

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At EFS 4x4 Accessories we have spearheaded the development of 4wd suspension products in Australia for over 20 years now. Starting out with the name ‘Enforcer,’ we rebranded to EFS in 2002 and have never looked back. We’re committed to developing high quality 4wd suspension products which can withstand punishing Aussie conditions. Since releasing the original EFS product range in 2003 we’ve put our skills to the test to create the Elite, X-Treme & XTR ranges. At EFS, we stand by our reputation for producing quality 4wd suspension products that go the distance in harsh off-road conditions. What this means for you is products you can trust, no matter the challenge.

expanding range

We’ve applied the same rigorous quality standards to our latest range of 4wd accessories. Our goal? To bring exceptional 4wd products to the Australian and international markets. Presently our new accessory offerings include bullbars, rear bars, side steps, LED lights, winches and Ya’mate camping gear. However, this is just a taste of what's to come from EFS.

Network of dealers

We have EFS dealers around the globe. Simply search the store locator or call 1300 337 493 and we'll connect you to your local EFS Dealer. Or simply fill in the form to become a dealer

suspension range

EFS Suspension is much more than a shock absorber. Instead it's a complete integrated suspension package of springs, shocks & components that work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics & greater off-road capabilities.

accessory range

EFS has a range of quality accessories for your 4x4. This includes bar work for all-round protection, recovery gear, light bars and spotlights. Finally, don't forget our expanding range of camping gear.


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