Torsion Bars

Get tough on torsion with the EFS Torsion Bar

Our bars possess 25% to 30% more strength than standard OE*. Just as coil springs and leaf springs can fatigue & sag over time, so can torsion bars. Significantly, EFS Torsion Bars will give your vehicle more responsive handling while compensating for extra loads.


  • Pre-stressed – to ensure longevity & durability
  • Increased spring rate – to compensate for load-bearing accessories
  • Made from high carbon alloy steel (XK-5160)
  • Bars feature machined splines
  • Bar peeled & rolled to ensure strength & reliability

NB: We apply a colour code to the end of every torsion bar to make the fitting process easier. Unquestionably, this helps when fitting EFS Torsion Bars.  Note, green = front of vehicle, blue = left and red = right.

*OE = Original Equipment – i.e. the manufacturing specs for your vehicle.

bush kits

We make our EFS Polyurethane Bushes from high-quality elastomers. This helps protect against noise vibration and harshness (NVH) and offers added durability. EFS poly bushes have an elastomer rating of 80 duro. Consequently, they offer improved suppleness and grease channels to increase   lubrication distribution


EFS Adjustable Panhard Rods are made from high strength steel with high performance polyurethane bushes. They correct  the lateral location of the diff and centralise the diff location. When a 4wd is lifted beyond a certain height, the diff is pulled across by the standard panhard rod.


We engineer our pins and shackles to be stronger than OE*. Once we manufacture them from medium & high-grade carbon steels, we then have them case hardened and gold cadmium-plated. This offers  increased strength & corrosion protection.


  • Greasable for ease of maintenance
  • Case hardened & gold cadmium-plated
  • Extended & standard anti-inversion shackles

*OE = Original Equipment – i.e. the manufacturing specs for your vehicle.


Our U-bolts are made from quality carbon steel and powder coated to protect against corrosion. Additionally they feature rolled threads to increase strength, plus a uniform grain finish.

All U-bolts come with deep nuts (for extra safety and strength). They also come with flat washers, which provide a smooth contact surface area to reduce plate friction.

EFS has a huge variety of U-bolts to suit most makes and models of 4wd’s. We also custom bend U-bolts to order.


We make our EFS Multi Fit Strut Top Spacer from high-grade 6mm billet aluminium. Subsequently, we CNC machine them for a great fit. These struts are also anodized black for a durable finish. The strut top is designed to assist with height trimming of strut vehicles with an approximate lift of 10-12mm.


If you are raising a leaf-sprung front Hilux, you’ll benefit from installing an EFS Adjustable Torque Rod. The torque rod prevents preloading of the front suspension. This is useful because the standard torque rod isn’t long enough and will pull down the suspension. The EFS Torque Rod uses compliant rubber bushes for maximum articulation. Additionally, it’s fully adjustable to suit heights of up to 3 inches. This EFS product simply replaces the standard torque rod.


The EFS Drop Drag Link centralises the Pitman Arm and maintains sufficient clearance from the drivers’ side U-bolts. The EFS Drop Drag Link simply replaces the original unit. It’s serviceable with grease nipples and adjustable to allow for correct fitment.

CASTOR correction BUSH KIT

The EFS Castor Correction Bush Kit is designed to correct the pinion angle of the front differential in GQ-GU Nissan Patrols and 80-100 Series Toyota LandCruisers. When these vehicles are raised above standard height, the pinion angle changes. This bush kit re-aligns the pinion angle and corrects the vehicle’s castor angle. This in turn improves high-speed vehicle control and safety.


We make our Coil Spring Spacers from high-grade durable polyurethane. They are excellent for setting up your 4wd to that exact height. We make them in 10mm, 15mm and 30mm thicknesses.


If you’re considering lifting your 4wd, you may also need to alter or lengthen other ancillary components. One of the main components that will need lengthening is brake lines.

EFS has extended replacement brake lines for your raised vehicle. These are high-quality dual skin double-crimped rubber flexible brake lines. All EFS brake lines are SAE J1401 approved.


EFS Shock Absorber Dust Boots provide extra protection from the elements.  Specifically, they’ll protect your shock absorber piston shaft and seals.


This EFS Bracket Kit is designed to reinforce the front lower control arm. This is especially true when aftermarket shock absorbers are used with increased dynamic forces.


Need to replace the trailing arm bushes in your Nissan Patrol GQ/GU or 80/100 Series Toyota LandCruiser? Opt for EFS long-life polyurethane replacement bushes. These bushes are designed to enhance the ride and feel of your 4wd vehicle by absorbing NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness).


When raising your 4wd above 3 inches, you may benefit from installing the EFS Extended Sway Bar Links. That’s because they enable you to retain your standard sway bars – even up to 5-inch lifts. EFS Extended Sway Bar Links replace the standard link pins and have a height-adjustable thread to customise the fitment. Supplied as a complete kit with all hardware and bushes included, these sway bar links suit  GQ/GU Nissan Patrol & 80/100 Series LandCruiser.


EFS manufactures a range of steel castor correction wedges to suit leaf sprung vehicles. When you raise a  leaf sprung vehicle, it changes the castor angle. Consequently, you need a castor correction wedge to correct it. This is very important for the safety and handling of your vehicle.


EFS offers a range of greaseable, extended shackles. They suit Toyota LandCruisers and Hiluxes plus Nissan Patrols.

strut spacer

The EFS Strut Top Spacer is ideal for lifting a standard suspension without the need to upgrade the front coil springs. This offers increased clearance for larger tyres and ground clearance.

Machined from high quality aluminium and anodized in black with a laser etched EFS logo, the EFS strut spacer represents great value for a budget lift of the front suspension.

The EFS strut spacer will not increase the spring rate. It’s therefore not recommended to be used to lift a vehicle which has had accessories fitted (for example bullbars, side rails or a winch). If you have accessories like these fitted to your vehicle, we strongly recommend you undertake a full front suspension upgrade of coils and shock absorbers. Contact your local EFS dealer for more information.


When raising a SWB GQ Patrol & XJ Jeep Cherokee above standard height, the tail shaft angle causes vibrations throughout the vehicle. By lowering the back of the gearbox with the EFS Gearbox Spacer Kit, the tail shaft angle is reduced. The kit contains replacement bolts and the adjustment plates.


If you’re raising a Toyota LandCruiser 79 series or Hilux above standard height, you’ll need to adjust the rear brake bias. This will offer correct vehicle braking. Perform the adjustment either by installing a spacer block or, installing an adjustable rod and spacing out the brake bias lever. This brings the brake bias back to standard.


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