Bullbar or not to Bullbar…let’s cut through the bull#$%!

Bullbars aren’t there just to make your 4WD look good or terrorise inner city motorists, however tempting this may be! EFS Bullbars offer increased protection from Animal strikes and provide a winch mounting point for when your next dirty weekend doesn’t quite go to plan!

Even if you don’t have a winch, our rated recovery points allow extraction points for kinetic rope and other recovery extractions when things get messy.

With the choice of two ADR approved bars in our range, The Stockman and our hoopless X-cape bar, in addition to the above they both offer the perfect place to mount your spot lights, light bars, antenna or sand flags.

Improvements over OEM approach angles are also gained, with better overall protection from flying rocks and sticks once you venture off the bitumen.

EFS also offer an ever increasing range of side rails, side steps and rear bars for most popular 4WD models.

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