“My 4WD already comes with suspension, why should I need to upgrade?”

There are many reasons to upgrade your four wheel drive’s suspension.

Some of these include greater vehicle clearance, longer wheel travel improving on/off road ride and handling, and better load carrying capabilities.

EFS 4WD suspension upgrades are available in four different upgrade solutions, EFS Enforcer, Elite, XTR and X-treme all designed to suit your budget and driving conditions.

The EFS X-Treme range of shocks and struts is our ultimate touring & offroad product with a well respected and established reputation in the competition/retail market.

Specifications: 45mm Bore, Durable Over-sized Concertina, Dust Boot (where applicable), 20mm Hardened Chrome, Quality Multi-lip Seal, Twin Tube Nitrogen Gas charged, Dynamic Motion Control Valve.

The EFS XTR shock absorber range is developed specifically for the outback off-road tourer.

Specifications: 58mm – 65mm external tube – greater, oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature, Low pressure Nitrogen Gas – prevent the oil from cavitating (foaming), Long travel design – maximizes wheel articulation, 40mm piston, twin tube construction, increased control of the spring during rebound and compression cycles, 20mm quality hardened chromed, piston rod longer service life, and greater lateral strength, Dynamic Motion Control Valve.

The EFS Elite shock absorber range is built with high quality internal and external components combined together to give you excellent performance and longevity.

Specifications: 51mm – 60mm external tube – greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature, Low pressure Nitrogen Gas – Prevent the oil from cavitating (foaming), Long travel design – maximizes wheel articulation, 35mm piston, twin tube construction– increased control of the spring during rebound and compression cycles, 16mm quality hardened chromed piston rod longer service life, and greater lateral strength.

Conquer the toughest track with EFS Enforcer

We’ve designed Enforcer Shock Absorbers for the price-conscious 4wd enthusiast and it gets the job done. Significantly, Enforcer shocks feature a large external tube that provides greater oil capacity while also lowering the operating temperature of the valve.

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