Your Guide to a Refreshing 4wd Escape: Bribie Island

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Get the Right Gear for Beach Driving

For a 4wd getaway when you don’t have time to get away, it’s hard to go past Bribie Island. It’s just a hop and a skip (70kms) from Brisbane. Plus, thanks to the Bribie Island Bridge, you don’t need to worry about barge or ferry passage. With kilometres of surf beach backed by national park, beachside campsites, and some excellent fishing spots, who wouldn’t want to check it out?

Bribie is a great destination for the weekend 4wd lover. If you head north, away from the towns, you’ll find miles of 4wd beach to explore. You can also check out the WWII remains of Fort Bribie. Bribie’s beaches offer mild weather, straightforward terrain, and relative proximity to the southern townships. This means you can 4wd Bribie without a crazy amount of prep.

However, as always there’s still SOME prep involved. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure you pack the right gear for beach driving.

See below our list of essentials and nice-to-haves for anyone 4wding Bribie beaches.

Essential Gear for Beach Driving

  • Tyre pressure gauge – you’ll want to let your tyres down once you land on the beach and it’s helpful to know when you’ve reached the right pressure. Check the recommended beach driving psi for your vehicle before you leave so you won’t be tempted to wing it.
  • Shovel – often this is all you’ll need to free your vehicle if it gets bogged in the sand.
  • Vehicle recovery kit – for those times when a shovel is not up to the task, we recommend a snatch recovery kit. A good snatch kit only needs three things: a pair of gloves, bow shackles and of course a snatch strap. Ensure your snatch strap has the correct rating for the weight of your vehicle if it’s too high or too low it won’t work as intended. Keep in mind that snatch strap vehicle rescues can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Make sure you fully understand how to perform a snatch strap vehicle recovery before attempting one.
  • Recovery tracks – for when you need extra traction, which is often the case in sand. Just make sure to attach a rope to each track so you can easily find/remove it after use.
  • Vehicle permit – Whether you’re planning an overnighter or just a day trip, if you’ll be beach driving, you’ll need a vehicle access permit. Ensure you display the permit prominently in your vehicle. You can purchase one online or pick one up on Bribie Island

Nice-to-Have 4wd Gear

  • Air compressor – this one’s not vital gear for beach driving on Bribie, but it’s still nice to have to look after your tyres. We’d strongly recommend getting one if you’re going to more remote beaches, far from any petrol station. On Bribie, it’s only a couple of km off the sand to reach the nearest servo and re-inflate your tyres. So, it’s personal preference whether you pack one or not.
  • Awnings – these always come in handy, even for day trips. Because they are so easy to assemble, you can set up an awning just for an afternoon. Look for high-quality waterproof products that can stand up to strong winds.

What Else You’ll Need

Bribie Island has several campground sites. The most popular of these is a site up towards the northern tip of the island known as the Ocean Beach Camping Area. This campground, the largest on Bribie, is only accessible by 4wd. It’s also the most popular. If you can, we suggest visiting in off-peak periods to avoid the crowds and ensure you can get a campsite. Ocean Beach Camping Area has basic facilities, these being toilets, showers, and a portable toilet waste facility. Because you’re a good 20+ km from the nearest shop, you’ll need to pack all the essentials and do some planning before you leave.

So, you’ve got your 4wd gear sorted, what else do you need? Check out our camping checklist below.

Camping Checklist

  • As with many other Queensland national park campsites, you’ll need a camping permit. Permits are affordably priced and easily sourced, but make sure to display them prominently on your tent or at your campsite.
  • If you have a portable toilet, think about bringing it. This can help keep national park camping areas clean for everyone.
  • Ensure you pack all the supplies you need for the duration of your trip including:
  1. bottled water – the water supply at Bribie campgrounds is not suitable for drinking.
  2. firewood – you are permitted a campfire on Bribie, however; it’s illegal to collect wood from the national park. Come prepared with your own timber or bring a gas cooktop. Be aware that you can only light a fire in designated fire rings, not on the beach.

We hope this guide helps you get ready for your 4wd Bribie escape. Whatever you do, go prepared and pack the right gear for beach driving!



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