LandCruiser GVM Upgrade

New EFS GVM Upgrade for LandCruiser 200 Series – Now 3800kg!

That’s an Extra 400kg from Standard GVM!

At EFS we’ve listened to what customers want and we’re excited to introduce this LandCruiser GVM suspension upgrade.

Now you can keep your LandCruiser safe and legal, while adding the extra mods (or passengers) you need. You’re welcome 🙂

As with all our main products, the GVM suspension components were designed and developed in Australia. So you can be confident they’re built to withstand harsh Aussie conditions. The suspension system upgrade has been fully certified to carry 3800kg safely and legally under second stage of manufacture (check this term with Colin).

EFS GVM Upgrade

Standard GVM = 3350kg

New GVM 3800kg

Up 450kg


2 x Front EFS Xtreme Struts

2 x Front EFS Coil Springs

2 x Rear EFS Coil Springs

2 x Rear EFS Xtreme Shock Absorbers

1 pair CAT 6 side lights

Note: Post Rego (Engineer required)

LandCruiser V8 200 Series

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