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40mm Lift
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  • $173.00
    – Qty req 2 – EFS Elite
  • $234.00
    – Qty req 2 – EFS Elite. Please note that during installation the Helix (step down) on the spring seat must be timed so that it is installed to the rear of the vehicle. Includes strut top and fitting kit.
  • $13.00
    – Qty req 1 – Extended length strut top studs. Suits EFS strut top caps.
  • $47.00
    – Qty req 2 – Replacement strut top plate and fitting kit for 38-5651, 38-5636, 37-6202 and 39-8004 fitting kit included.
  • $294.00
    Up to 45kg of load bearing accessories – Qty req 1 – 1 PAIR.
  • $294.00
    45 to 75kg of load bearing accessories – Qty req 1 – 1 PAIR.
  • $277.00
    80 to 120kg of load bearing accessories – Qty req 1 – 1 PAIR.
  • $386.00
    Constant 100kg – Qty req 1 – 1 PAIR.
  • $386.00
    Constant 250kg – Qty req 1 – 1 PAIR.
  • $76.00
    – Qty req 1 – To assist with height trimming of vehicle with an approximate lift of 10-12mm

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