• 23 October 2020
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INTRODUCING OUR NEW RANGE OF PERSONAL LIGHTING … there’s nothing more Australian than ya’Mate!

EFS ya’Mate gesture activated head torch.
RRP: $89.99

Not only an essential in any tradies tool box, this new headlight is also the perfect companion for night fishing, reading and perfect for camping and other outdoor lifestyles.

Features 3 light modes so you can easily choose what suits you.
• Mode1 – 300 LM – 3Hr
• Mode 2 – 250 LM – 3.5 Hr
• Mode 3 – 480 LM – 1.5 Hr
Rechargable via USB our headtorch offers gesture on and off for that hands free flexibility, 60 degree adjustment range with a strong magnetic base for secure connections, so you won’t be left in the dark again.

EFS ya’Mate Multi Function LED Work Light.
RRP: $66.00

Ideal for the professional or home workshop environment in addition to general purpose applications. This torch is ready to perform with a super powerful SW Cobb LED offering:
• 420 lumens of light
• 55 Lumens spot/flashlight
and these additional features:
• 180 degree swivel action
• Built in hook and battery level indicator
• Strong magnetic base
• Belt clip and USB charging port and cable
• Rubber coating, impact and water resistant

RRP: $89.99

While the X5 may be the little brother of our Industrial robust Multi Function LED Work light, it packs a punch above it’s weight with these following features:
• 180 degree x 2 swivel axis points
• Magnetic Tip Light
• Spot light
• Red tactical as well as white illumination
• Retractable 4cm base clamp
• Rear magnet & hook
• USB charging and cable


EFS ya’Mate X3 LED 3 IN 1 TORCH
RRP: $104.98

With 3 quick push interchangeable light attachments there’s a LED light for all situations and applications!

The adjustable LED torch head attachment allows both wide and short angle focus for short and long range illumination. The torch head attachment is powered by a Cree XPG LED giving you 250 lumens of light.

The LED blade head attachment quickly turns your torch to a work light. With a powerful COB LED the blade head has an output of 350 lumens. With the magnetic base the blade attachment is perfect for under bonnet checks and applications.

The flexible LED head attachment is perfect for lighting up those hard to reach places. Giving off 200 lumens with a CREE XPG LED the interchangeable flexi head attachment gives you the ability to search the hardest to reach cracks and crevices.

Fast Facts:
• Adjustable Lens Zoom
• High power CREE LED CHIP
• 2 x levels of brightness
• Magnetic Base
• Quick push lock interchangeable lights
• Tough Aluminium casing
• Hardened plastic storage carry case

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