EFS 4×4 Suspension is a quality driven product designed to withstand challenging Aussie conditions. It’s proven itself in 4WD competitions throughout Australia. Plus it’s been pushed to the limits by 4WD enthusiasts around the world.

EFS suspension is not just a shock absorber but a complete integrated suspension package.  Specifically it includes springs, shocks and components that all work together seamlessly. The end result for your vehicle? Quality on-road handling and greater off road ability.


Conquer the toughest track with EFS Enforcer

We’ve designed Enforcer Shock Absorbers for the price-conscious 4wd enthusiast and it gets the job done. Significantly, Enforcer shocks feature a large external tube that provides greater oil capacity while also lowering the operating temperature of the valve.


For when you need extra grit…

We’ve designed EFS Elite Shock Absorbers for the 4wd owner looking for the best of the best. Elite Shock Absorbers feature high-quality internal and external components. This gives you excellent performance and longevity.


When you really need to muscle up, think EFS XTR…

We’ve designed the XTR Shock Absorber range specifically for outback off-road touring in heavily laden 4wds. As a result, all XTR shocks feature increased oil capacities to reduce operating temperatures. Additionally, they incorporate a highly robust construction to tackle the most challenging outback roads. Moreover, we manufacture EFS XTR Shock Absorbers from high quality internal and external components to meet the demands of the modern 4wd.


Are you ready to enjoy your next 4WD adventures to the X-TREME?

The EFS X-Treme range of shocks and struts is our premium product range. Indeed, X-Treme products have earnt a reputation for toughness in the competitive retail market. They were born over a decade ago out of the demands of 4WD competition. However, we’ve since refined them to become one of the toughest family-friendly suspension solutions on the market. X-Treme offers unsurpassed durability, handling and ride quality. Whether it’s across corrugated outback tracks or other highly strenuous off-road environments, X-Treme has your back.


We developed the Recon Recovery range to help take the stress out of 4wd recovery. Getting stuck is inevitable but with Recon Recovery you can can handle almost every sticky situation. That’s because we manufacture all Recon Recovery products to our exacting standards. We also rigorously test them and ensure they comply with ratings, for your safety. 



The Ya’mate range is a natural product extension for EFS, designed to help you get out there and live your adventure.

In essence, our Ya’mate torches and camping lights are built to last and offer the ideal lighting solution for your camping, hunting, and fishing trips. Being versatile, compact, user-friendly, and easily rechargeable, Ya’mate products are perfect for any and every situation. 



When less is more! The X-cape bar from EFS is city smart, but country tough. What’s more, we designed and developed our  Xcape bars to suit the harsh Aussie climate and conditions.  From outback to city, these streamlined bars offer protection and style.


Get the protection your vehicle needs with an EFS Stockman or Pioneer Bullbar. Designed and developed in Australia, we created the Adventure range of bullbars  to suit harsh Aussie conditions. 


Planning to accessorise your 4X4? EFS have you covered with our Vividmax range of LED light bars, driving lights, work lights, LED headlight bulbs and accessories. Manufactured with genuine USA made Cree LED chips, these high-quality lights are seriously bright!



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EFS 4x4 Accessories has been at the forefront of developing 4wd suspension products in Australia for over 20 years now, with its inception of the Enforcer product range back in the early 90's then onto the EFS range in 2003. Further development resulted in the birth of the Elite, X-Treme & XTR ranges. EFS has been designing and developing high quality suspension systems to combat Australia's harsh off road conditions and has built a strong reputation for quality 4wd products that last.

expanding range

We have now put the same philosophy into our latest range of 4wd accessories, bringing quality 4wd products that work, to the Australian and International market places. These new accessory offerings including bullbars, rearbars, side steps, LED Lights and winches are a small taste to what's to come in the future of EFS.

Network of dealers

With EFS Dealers around the country, you can be sure to find an experienced EFS Dealer local to you. Simply search our dealer locator or call 1300 337 493 to be connected to your local EFS Dealer.

suspension range

EFS Suspension is not just a Shock Absorber but a complete integrated suspension package of Springs, Shocks & Components that work together to give quality on-road handling characteristics & greater off road ability

accessory range

EFS has a range of accessories for your 4x4. Including Bar work for all round protection, recovery gear, light bars and spotlights plus an expanding range of camping gear.

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